The Drowned

Art Direction and Book Design.

The Mediterranean Sea is the largest mass grave in Europe. Over 30.000 people have perished while attempting to cross the sea. Hukkuneet (The Drowned), a book by journalist Taina Tervonen and photographer Anna Autio, tells the story of those lost while crossing the sea and shows what was left behind – personal objects, graves and shipwrecks. The cover of the book extends for 20 pages. It features a List of Deaths of people on their way to Europe, collected from small news articles in the international media. Each listing has a date, number of deaths, name(s) if known, cause of death and place.

The cover design of Hukkuneet won a gold award in the European Design Awards. The book design was granted an Award of Excellence in the Communication Arts Design Competition (US) as well as a gold award in Vuoden Huiput (FI). Hukkuneet was shortlisted in the ADC Europe Awards as well as selected in the collection of The Most Beautiful Books of the Year in Finland.


Text by Taina Tervonen. Photos by Anna Autio. Edited by Mirjam Ilvas. Pre-press by Petri Kuokka / Aarnipaja. Published by Kustantamo S&S, 2019. The List of Deaths by United for Intercultural Action. Case photos by Anna Autio.

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