Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma:
Navigating North – Works from the Wihuri Foundation Collection 

Art Direction and Book Design.

This book traces connections between north and south as the catalogue for the Navigating North exhibition in Kiasma, which presents highlights from the Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation Collection. Its guiding themes – landscape, northern nature and cultural crossroads – remind us that we exist in a state of perpetual change. This publication introduces works from the Wihuri Foundation Collection selected by Kiasma’s curators and opens views to the history of northern Finnish art. The exhibition features works by 48 artists.


Artwork in the book cover: Awareness (detail) by Arttu Nieminen. Edited by Saara Hacklin & Satu Oksanen. Curated by Saara Hacklin, Kati Kivinen and Satu Oksanen. Texts by Leevi Haapala, Saara Hacklin, Tuija Hautala-Hirvioja, Arto Hiltunen, Aira Huovinen, Kati Kivinen, Satu Oksanen, Jonna Strandberg, Ulla Viitanen. Pre-press by Asko Rokala / BEE2. Printed by Livonia. Published by Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, 2022. Case photos and video by Anna Autio.

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