Eräitä huomioita Suomen poliittisesta järjestelmästä
(Some Observations on the Political System of Finland)

Art Direction and Book Design.

For four years photographer Sakari Piippo has followed politics on all levels from the government press briefings to municipal council halls, and from the marketplaces in the provinces to voting booths in the county halls. Some Observations on the Political System of Finland is a timely examination of the functioning of politics and offers a humane perspective on the mechanics of decision making. Showing the core of political power from such close distance has also provoked resistance in the form of a cease and desist letter issued by the Prime Minister’s Office trying to stop these images from ever to be seen. Besides Piippo’s work the book features essays by Ville Blåfield, Vappu Kaarenoja and Silvia Hosseini.

The book was awarded as The Most Beautiful Book in Finland 2019 and the project was displayed at The Finnish Museum of Photography.

The jury of The Most Beautiful Book competition wrote about the book as follows: “Choices in both form and the material support the content, creating an art book both delightful and informative. An official-looking design is sparse but polished, with a nod towards the towers of documents in government offices.”


Photos by Sakari Piippo. Texts by Ville Blåfield, Silvia Hosseini, Vappu Kaarenoja and Sakari Piippo. Pre-press by Petri Kuokka / Aarnipaja. Published by Kosmos. Printed by Livonia, Latvia 2019.

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